3D Printing


Cura is an open source slicing application for 3D printers.


Cura requires a Windows, Mac, and Linux computer with a mouse and keyboard to run. All printers at Te Wāhi use Ultimaker printers which are fully supported in Cura, but you may wish you use a different slicer for other brands like Prusa or Creality.

Ultimaker Cura is a slicer application used to prepare your 3D models for printing with a 3D printer. You can set the speed, scale and quality of your prints, generating a .gcode file that is then read by the printer itself.

Supported filetypes

STL (best for 3D printing), 3MF, AMF, DAE, ZAE, CTM, PLY, OBJ, X3D, GLB, GLTF

Minimum system requirements

At least 2GB of RAM. At least 500 MB of available hard-disk space. Intel HD or similar graphics card with at least 512 MB video memory


Download Cura (opens in a new tab)