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Fusion 360

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D modelling, CAD, CAM and PCB tool for product design and manufacturing.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD/CAM tool for collaborative product development. Fusion 360 enables exploration and iteration on product ideas and collaboration within distributed product development team. Fusion 360 combines organic shapes modelling, mechanical design and manufacturing in one comprehensive package.

Unlike something like Meshmixer or SketchUp, Fusion is more oriented towards the design of products and parts, where the dimensions/measurements are crucial.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but Fusion remains to be one of the most accessible and powerful CAD programs available today.

Web version of Fusion

Supported filetypes

STL (best for 3D prints), 3DM, ASM, CAM360, CATPart, CATProduct, DWG, DXF, F3D, FBX, G, IAM, IGE, IGS, IPT, NEU, OBJ, PRT, SAB, SAT, SKP, SLDASM, SLDPRT, SMB, SMT, STE, STE, STP, WIRE, 123DX

Minimum system requirements

x86-based 64-bit processor (e.g. Intel Core i, AMD Ryzen series), 4 cores, 1.7 GHz or greater; 32-bit not supported. 4 GB of RAM (integrated graphics recommend 6GB or more). Integrated graphics with 4GB or more VRAM, or dedicated GPU with 1 GB or more VRAM. At least 3 GB of available hard-disk space.


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