3D printing


Polycam is a 3D scanning app for iOS devices.

For scanning anything large or small, Polycam uses the existing cameras in your iPhone to create stitched 3D scans. Using the photo mode, it joins together multiple photos of a single object to create a 3D model, whereas for LiDAR mode it uses the depth sensor to create a mesh map and generate a detailed model in real-time.

While it is a paid app, Polycam can be one of the fastest and most effective ways of scanning full figures/people. For scanning objects, other alternatives exist such as Te Wāhi's own 3D 01 scanner and CR Studio.

Supported filetypes

All scans will export as either .OBJ (shows colours and materials of model), or .STL (no colours, but better compatibility for 3D printing)

Minimum system requirements

iPhone running iOS 14 or later. For full LiDAR scanning, a Pro or Max variant iPhone is required.


Download on the App Store (opens in a new tab)